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Stop Drowning and Hire A Virtual Assistant

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your business? Losing all joy?  Feeling like the jack of all trades, master of none?

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you’ve experienced this before. Perhaps you are feeling so now.

Entrepreneurs constantly face the challenges of juggling all the demands of their business.  They have to be the receptionist, the administrative assistant, the web designer, the marketing manager, and sometimes the janitor; just to name a few.  This constant pull in different directions stifles the growth of your business and takes away from your ability to really be present with those you serve.

So, how do you get your head above water and get the joy back in your business? Hire a virtual assistant and add them to your team ASAP!

Virtual assistants are making it easier for high-level professional entrepreneurs like yourself to get their time back, increase their focus on gaining new clients, and growing their business.

What Is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

The term “virtual assistant” refers to skilled professionals that support businesses from an off-site or virtual location. These professionals work remotely and offer technical skills as diverse as administrative support, social media, web design, marketing and customer support/ service.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Here are 5 benefits just to name a few:

A Virtual Assistant Saves Time: VAs perform many tasks that drain your time and resources. These include daily tasks such as updating social media pages, checking and responding to emails, making phone calls, facilitating business transactions and managing projects. They can also help you count up the true costs of what it takes to run your business!

You Save Money both in the Short-term and Long-term: Now here is where it gets even better. Hiring a virtual assistant means you save. No need to worry about paying employee taxes, employee benefits, finding an office, or providing resources such as computers and office supplies. You’ll spend less and get more value as productivity and efficiency are the foundation of a virtual assistant’s success.  They are independent contractors, professionals who are very efficient and effective at what they do because their livelihood and income depend on it.

Less Hassle than a Full-time Assistant: As discussed prior, a full-time employee brings more expenses to the business including tax obligations, employee benefits, pension plans, etc.  You also won’t have to become the HR Director and develop employee retention strategies and human resource policies and procedures to govern a full-time employee.  Not to mention saving yourself the time and hassle that often comes with recruiting, training and retaining a full-time staff.  That gives you more time to focus on the things in your business that only you can do.

A Virtual Assistant Makes it Easier to Focus on What Matters Most: Are you spending your time on what matters most? Do you want to get more done with less stress? Are you feeling overwhelmed by trying to do it all by yourself?  If any of this sounds like you, it is definitely time to get the assistance you need not just for yourself but for the growth of your business. Hiring a VA means you won’t need to stretch yourself thin performing the myriad of tasks associated with owning a business.

You Gain a Strategic Business Partner: VAs want to help you! They have built their business with one goal in mind, to make your life as an entrepreneur and private practice practitioner easier! They want to remove all of the “business,” “admin,” and “back-end,” elements out of your hands so that you can focus on the stuff that only you can – getting more clients and growing your business.

As an administrative professional, my hope is that you will access the tools that will enable you to meet the challenges you face and find success. Hiring a virtual assistant or a team of assistants is one way you can put your business on the path of excellence!  Not only do you save time and money but you’ll also be able to more easily find the balance you need in your life.

Click here to learn more about how you can start gaining the benefits of a virtual assistant by contacting my team today at

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