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The Best Teams Use Systems, And Here’s Why

This year has proven itself to be a huge year of transition and growth for the Your Virtual Admin Expert team. We’ve had clients onboard and off-board, gained new team members, installed internal leadership, and set our goals for 2022. If there is one thing that I have learned, it’s that systems are what keep our ship sailing.

Why Are Systems So Important?

Not only do systems allow me to onboard new clients and subcontractors, they keep me as the CEO in my position. Because I have to focus on company projections, discovery calls with potential clients, and consulting others, the systems I have set in place for project management, task completion, and client updates allow my team to operate the business in a seamless way.

In addition to systems, we have implemented an Entrepreneurial Operating System, also known as an EOS, based on the comprehensive knowledge of the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman. Without giving too much about the book away, the book explains why the best teams uncover the pieces of your business to produce the results that you want.

The team and I spent all of quarter two assessing, and reassessing the kind of business we are, how we currently operate, and where we want to be as an agency. This allowed us to take an objective approach to the success of our business, point out our best attributes and areas of growth, and implement a system that works best for us.

Let me be the first to tell y’all: this system is what keeps us alive and thriving! I can only say great things about my team, and I say that the best teams use systems because they recognize that in order to be great, they must possess the ability to produce and reproduce results in a forward-thinking fashion.

If you are having issues with your team, I encourage you to assess the systems you have within your organization, the people and the positions that they carry. This will allow you to forecast the future, place your team members in the correct position according to what they love to do, and operate your business at its highest potential.

If you need some support and you’ve been looking for a virtual assistant or online business manager to help you systemize your business, click here and let’s connect.

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