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Tips‌ ‌for‌ ‌a‌ ‌Successful‌ ‌Team‌ ‌Onboarding‌

So you’ve hired more people and are ready to streamline and delegate your processes. But, you still have to do one more thing: onboard your new team members. As you expand your team, onboarding is one of the most important things to do in any business. This is because it sets your team members up for success, establishes clear expectations, and allows the team to meet one another. Whether you work virtually or face to face, you can use these quick tips for a successful onboarding call.

Conduct A Fun Ice-Breaker For Your Team

When you are iterating your new team members, you want to be sure that they feel comfortable with each other. Conducting a fun icebreaker washes away all of the nerves that you or your team members may be feeling, and it gives the chance to learn about the team. This also establishes a good rapport within the team, because you want them to feel comfortable inside and outside of meetings. For my team and I, we do an icebreaker called “highs and lows.” This is where we talk about what has happened throughout the week and share what we are looking forward to. The only rules are that it cannot be business-related talk. I love getting to learn more about my coworkers outside of work, and it gives me the opportunity to see their interests and likes for potential gifts or surprises for them around the holidays.

Have A Meeting Agenda In Place

With all of the hustle and bustle of onboarding new team members, you still want to ensure that there is order, and that protocol is established. You can do this by creating a meeting agenda, with sections that feature ice-breakers/introductions of the new team members, a review of the company’s goals, mission, and values, and an opportunity for questions and answers about what to expect from the position. Having a meeting agenda also helps the meeting to be timely, so that you do not get off track and hit all goals of the meeting.

Create Action Items For Each Team Member

In the midst of onboarding your new team members, you want to ensure that they know their responsibilities after the call. Creating action items for each team member will allow them to have a clear understanding of what to do after the meeting. This may be in the form of watching training videos, doing practice tasks or reading a standard operating procedure. By organizing and implementing action items for each team member, the work gets started, and the team can get familiar with the systems, project management system, and get a great workflow started within the team.

All in all, onboarding new team members to your organization is such an exciting process! You have the opportunity to connect and work with some amazing people, and I can personally say this is a true statement day in and day out. At the same time, you want to make sure that you as the CEO are setting up your team for success.

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