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Your Virtual Admin Expert is an online business management support agency for established professional service providers, coaches and consultants who are helping others get the mental, emotional, physical, and financial well-being they deserve.

We’re experts in helping you manage the backend of your business, so you can focus on your clients, your growth, and your profits.

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another." 


— Joseph Addison


We focus on helping you as the CEO create the space you need to focus on working within your zone of genius, instead of being trapped physically, mentally, and financially by the day to day in your business. 


Let us help you regain control of your time.




You can avoid overwhelm and maximize efficiency in your business. Think no more wasted time on things that take you away from your genius.

You get a dedicated team fully committed to helping you operate, manage, and scale your business. Who doesn’t want a team?

You can take a real vacation without the fear of feeling disconnected from your clients. Yes, our clients take off for weeks at a time because they trust us to keep operations running smoothly.

You can scale your business quicker, faster, sooner. That program you’ve been wanting to launch since….yep you can finally get it done.

You can stress less and become a master delegator. No more scheduling your own appointments, booking your own travel, updating your blog, etc.

You can get your joy back doing the work you love. That thing that only you can do.

You can actually achieve work life/balance. Think spending more time with your family, having time to rejuvenate and focus on your well-being, and focus on strengthening relationships that matter.

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