The Business Process Audit (BPA) ™ is where we take an in-depth look at your business processes using our proprietary 3E System and give you a detailed report of what’s not working, why it’s not working and how to streamline and systemize your business probably using less tools than you are now.


If any of the following sounds even slightly familiar, this is for you:


  • You’re tired of being frustrated because you are spending way too much time doing tasks that should be automated and/or outsourced?

  • You’ve already been through more than 2 assistants or support staff and they seem inefficient, but the truth is it might be that your set-up is inefficient.

  • You’re annoyed that current client communication, potential new client communication, and new opportunities are falling through the cracks which means you’re probably losing money.

  • You feel like you’re working harder than you did at your “job” and you rarely have time to work on the things in your business that will bring you more money.

  • You feel like you’re never going to achieve the freedom you thought you would have when you first started your business.

  • Your team is using more than 3-5 systems to manage your business. (Seriously, how many sites are you logging onto daily just to get basic tasks done?)



How Efficient Are Your Systems?

Are you still manually doing everything in your business? OR are your business systems all over the place and don't work well together?

Are you ready to implement tools that will make your business processes more efficient? If this sounds like you, and you're ready to get your time back and focus on making more money, then it's time to implement systems that work.


We can implement one or more of the following so you don't have to:


  • 17Hats CRM

  • Acuity Online Scheduler

  • Dropbox Filing System

  • Google Apps Email System

  • Grasshopper Virtual Phone System

  • ScheduleOnce Online Scheduler

  • Teamwork Projects Management System

  • Asana Project Management System

  • Mailchimp E-mail Marketing System




Your Virtual Admin Expert is a fully-managed operation with a dedicated team. We’re able to provide 3 support packages based on our extensive experience of the operation requirements of a virtually managed business.


The Solopreneur Package is designed for high 5 figure virtual businesses or those who have funds to start or grow their virtual based business, The Entrepreneur Package is designed ideally for multiple 6 figure virtually based businesses, and the Small Business Package is designed ideally for 7 figure virtually managed businesses.


Do you need an extra set of hands to help you manage the day to day operations, make you sure you are where you supposed to be, handle implementation of all your backend systems, and help manage your projects, clients, and team?


This package is for anyone who wants to get out of the weeds of managing their business so they can focus more on growing their business and showing up for clients.



Are you tired of scheduling eating up all your time? Do you wish you could remove yourself from all the back and forth emails trying to get a meeting on the calendar?


This package is for the professional who does not want to worry about booking appointments, making travel arrangements, or trying to figure out the best time for a meeting. You really just want to show up and be present.



Do you wish you didn't have to be the one searching for content to post, creating the images to post, and then actually making sure it all gets posted?


This package is for anyone who wants to have online visibility but not be online all the time.


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