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Your Virtual Admin Expert is a fully-managed operation with a dedicated team. We’re able to provide 2 support packages based on our extensive experience managing dozens of online businesses.


The Operations Management Support Package is designed for multi-six and seven figure businesses or those who have funds to start or grow their virtual based business, The General Admin Support Package is designed ideally for CEOs who need to be hands-off with making appointments, managing inboxes, booking travel, responding to clients and lack the time to dedicate to executing so it gets done.

Now Onboarding Clients for  July 2024


As your dedicated operations manager, we can help provide guidance, expertise, and executive-level leadership to help your business identify roadblocks within your business model and ensure you are on the right strategic and operational track for maximum growth.  You’ll get the combined experience and resources of a 20+ year veteran team in administration, operations and project management.


This support package includes:


  • Process Improvement: Working with you and/or your team to implement, manage and maintain the processes that your organization uses. This includes software and other programs that the organization uses to function every day.

  • HR Development: Working with your HR team to help solve staffing and organizational team issues.

  • Organizational Development: Working with your team to manage collection and organization of standard operating procedures and maximize current operational resources.

  • Stakeholder Management: Provide oversight of organizational programs; providing synergy, consistent management, and greater visibility to stakeholders.

  • Financial Management: Working closely with you and/or your team to review budgets, revenue growth, and profitability.

  • KPI & Metric Reporting: Developing, monitoring & reporting on key performance indicators & analysis.


Our proprietary D.I.M. Method © allows us to deliver transformative results using a specific method of diagnosis, implementation, and management. This three step process allows us to clearly: 


  1. Diagnose your needs, current operating state, and desired outcomes.

  2. Implement tangible solutions that yield quantifiable results. 

  3. Manage, monitor, and maintain the new operating infrastructure for maximum efficiency. 


Package price starts at  $5,000 per month



Our general admin support package helps you to show up as your best self and do the work that only you can do. This support package helps to keep you out of the minutiae of day to day administrative tasks and focused on the most important things to grow your business.


This support package includes the following:


  • Customer Service Support: Act as a liaison for your company’s external and internal customers, handle customer concerns, provide appropriate solutions and escalate challenges to management as necessary.

  • Email Inbox Management: Manage your inbox so you don’t get bogged down in the mire of details and information gets routed to the correct place. 

  • Calendar Management: Coordination of CEO schedule, addressing the details that make your life easier.

  • Travel Management: Enjoy hassle free travel. Our travel management support includes checking flight schedules, booking train/plane/bus tickets for your travels, researching hotels and making reservations, finding dining options, and delivering a centralized travel document for easy review and access.

  • File Management: Organizing, updating and maintaining organizational files and documents in Google Drive and/or Dropbox.

  • Data Entry & Research: Conducting research, entering data into spreadsheets, and handling information requests.


Our general administrative support package can also help you with creating correspondence, ordering office supplies, and scheduling your personal appointments. Let us help take you out of the weeds and free up your time to focus on what really matters > clients, growth, and profits.


Package price starts at  $1,500 per month

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