Your Virtual Admin Expert is a fully-managed operation with a dedicated team. We’re able to provide 3 support packages based on our extensive experience managing dozens of online businesses.


The Online Business Management Support Package is designed for multiple 5, 6 and 7 figure businesses or those who have funds to start or grow their virtual based business, The Calendar, Schedule & Travel Support Package is designed ideally for CEOs who need to be hands-off with making appointments and booking travel, and the Systems & Tech Support Package is designed ideally for professional service providers who know they need to implement the right systems in their business but lack the time to dedicate to executing so it gets done.

Now Onboarding Clients for January 2022


Do you need an extra set of hands to help you manage the day to day operations, make you sure you are where you supposed to be, handle implementation of all your backend systems, and help manage your projects, clients, and team?

Do you need a strategic thinking partner to help you plan out your quarterly and annual goals and tasks?


This package is for anyone who wants to get out of the weeds of managing their business so they can focus more on growing their business and showing up for clients.

What's included:

Our online business management packages are based on a combination of Online Business Management and Implementation, which can include one or more of the following:

  • Project Management

  • Team Management

  • Task Management

  • Weekly Operations Meeting

  • Quarterly Planning Sessions

  • Annual Planning Sessions

  • Systems Building & Standard Operations Management

  • Monitoring Key Performance Indicators & Analysis

  • Email Marketing Setup and Management

  • Email Inbox Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Podcast Management

  • Membership Area Setup (select platforms)

  • Setup of Autoresponders, Sales Funnels & Marketing Campaigns

  • Blog Updates

  • Data Entry

  • Research

Prices start at $2,500 per month




Are you tired of scheduling eating up all your time? Scheduling of appointments and meetings may seem to be the most simple and basic of tasks, but it’s actually very time consuming and can be very complex.


Do you wish you could remove yourself from all the back and forth emails trying to get a meeting on the calendar?

This package is for the professional who does not want to worry about booking appointments, making travel arrangements, or trying to figure out the best time for a meeting. You really just want to show up and be present.

What's included:

  • Dedicated Scheduling & Planning Assistant

  • Weekly 30-min meeting to review schedule

  • Scheduling of General Appointments

  • Scheduling of Conference Meetings

  • Scheduling of Client Meetings

  • Setup Online Scheduler

Prices start at $750 per month




Do you wish you didn't have to be the one setting up your tech systems for funnels, webinars, and e-mail marketing?

This package is for anyone who wants to have great systems in their business all working harmoniously together, but just doesn't have the skill or time to get it done.  We work as part of your team and work with you so that your systems and tech are all implemented and working like clockwork so you don't have to work around the clock.

What's included: 

  • Dedicated tech support person

  • Monthly 60-min Strategy Call

  • Landing Pages Setup

  • E-mail campaigns setup

  • Webinar tech setup

  • Membership setup (select platforms)

  • 17Hats Setup

Systems we work in:

17Hats, ActiveCampaign, Kajabi, Kartra, WebinarJam

Prices start at $1,500 per month