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5 things to Do During COVID-19 Season

The world has been shaken, shaken more than we’ve seen 70 years since World War II. The enemy is different, this is an enemy we can’t see, can’t hear, and can’t build an army against, this is the plague of an epidemic that does not discriminate against race, creed, origin, or colour. Everyone has been affected, from the struggling artists to Hollywood movie stars to small businesses throughout the world. Great, now that I’m depressed, how does this help me? This is the first time in human history where the playing field is more even than ever. This presents an incredible opportunity to get ahead while the world has hit the pause button. The big difference between now and any epidemic in the past is that we have the power of the internet to communicate, learn, fuel, earn, and live. The goal now is to get ready for when the world resumes (and to make it in the meantime). Learning and upgrading your skills is the surefire way to not be left behind. Find your passion, learn your passion, get working on your passion. Are you interested in web marketing? Learn the ropes of SEO, PPC, or Email Marketing. Are you interested in content? Learn the ins and outs of engaging and impactful content. Are you interested in woodworking? Learn how to shape, sculpt and make amazing creations. How? There are tons of great sites out there that offer step by step courses. A great one is, an internationally recognized training site where you can learn everything from handwork to digital business. Is English a barrier for you? Time to learn that too. Let’s be super clear:


This is the time for action. Learn, Grow, Be ready for when the world gets back to normal. Check it out: If you need help in your digital marketing and presence, check us out here

What will life be like when the world is done with the virus? No-one knows for certain, we don’t know how long, how strained resources will be or what ongoing precautions have to be taken on. Keep in mind, each country, state, and region may have different rules of caution, exposure and movement. What we DO know is the natural actions of people, you, your family, community, and the globe as a whole. 90% of global businesses are now suffering, and the longer that this goes on the worse it's going to get. The worse it gets, the more ferocious the response will be as people strive to survive. This is why you need to be prepared, educated, and ready to jump on the job train as the shining candidate for the post apocalyptic world. Now is the time to learn and start using those skills online for yourself or companies looking to work virtually for now. A good idea is to see what jobs are out there, and then learn for those specifically. Walking out of the epidemic with an education and experience under your belt is the way to turn this difficult time into your life changing opportunity that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Think positive! Ok, I’ll do it - but I need money now too! Yes, we get it. This is why you have to get online and start working as well. If we didn’t have the internet, there would be certain doom going around, but we’re all just as connected as we were before. The joke in the corporate world is that “Now we can see how many of those meetings could have been emails after all.” This means that a huge percentage of jobs can be done remotely, and at this moment this is the only way to work. So:

  • Update your Resume with relevant skills courses and experience in working remotely.

  • Apply to jobs on, LinkedIn, etc. Find freelance jobs online, sites like

  • Post in your local community social media groups.

  • Start a blog (like this one!) get attention and spread your work.

  • Creative? Look at Etsy and sell from there.

Everyone is unique and has something to offer, the miracle of the internet allows you to make yourself known. The miracle of CoronaVirus / Covid-19 is that we’re all equals.

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