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Are You Stuck Because You’re Not Resting?

Most successful entrepreneurs are behind these scenes resting. Yes I said it, they are resting. They are taking vacations, month long sabbaticals, and completely disconnecting from work.

It used to be that entrepreneurs were working, working, working, hustling, hustling, hustling, and that may still be true for some; especially when you are first starting out. But honey these entrepreneurs I’m over here working with believe in rest and I’m here for it.

They have learned rest is a necessity, not a luxury, and it is essential in order to be effective as a leader and a business owner. We are all busy and moving forward to improve our lives, personally and professionally., but rest is essential in moving forward and making things happen as well. It’s only when our brains and bodies are rested that we can perform at our optimum capacity.

Rest helps us be more creative, more productive, and better leaders for our companies, teams and customers. And let’s be clear, rest is not just sleep, it is also stillness - the ability to just be still without motion and quiet the mind.

Everyone has different ways to rest, whether that be reading, mediating, walking, or reflecting. When your mind and body are at rest, creativity can flow through your brain. As entrepreneurs, we need more rest and more creativity in our businesses and in our lives.

When we are rested we are more patient, we listen better, and we’re less stressed. Think about it. I bet some of your best ideas or solutions came when you weren’t actually thinking about the idea or solution. It was in the moment you decided to take a break, walk away, take a shower, whatever, that the idea or solution came to you with ease.

Rest is essential as an entrepreneur. Essential to not just your personal well-being but the health and wealth of your business.

So how can you incorporate rest into your business strategy?

  • Take at least one rest day on the weekend and don't do anything related to your work. Let your body and mind recharge so you’re ready for the week ahead.

  • Take a couple hours during the week, and do something  --  anything  --  non-work related. This will allow you to rejuvenate and stay motivated to finish the week strong.

  • Delegate. Delegate. Delegate. Ask yourself does it have to be you that does that thing. And this goes for both business and personal. Can your assistant take care of it? Can you hire someone to clean the house? What do you need help with that you don’t have to do and then delegate it out. This gives you more space to rest.

  • Utilize those cell phone features. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about, do not disturb, focus time, etc. - set them up to support your rest periods so you can be distraction free during that time.

  • Schedule rest as part of everything else in your strategic plan and your ceo calendar. You should intentionally have rest days, mental health days, etc. on your calendar before the year starts so you schedule around them.

No rest is a dangerous thing. Ask me how I know lol. Been there and done that and I’m not going back.

By removing yourself from the grind and demands of your business, you are better equipped to return back more refreshed, more creative, and more motivated to serve and produce even more.

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