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Creating Effective Focus

Are you an entrepreneur? More importantly, do you ever wish that you weren’t? Entrepreneurs are a special breed. They have an extraordinary capacity to dream and dream big. Not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur; it takes determination, vision, enormous energy and creativity, as well as lots of patience. It’s not easy and it takes discipline to have the right kind of focus in entrepreneurship. There are two kinds of energy in business, unfocused and focused.One kind tangles you up in knots and the other moves you forward.

Ineffective Focus

When you think about focus, you probably think thoughts like, “I should have more focus” or “I need to learn how to focus.” In business, it's important to be able to focus effectively and switch your focus as the need arises. If you are having difficulty, ineffective focus may be the culprit. What is ineffective focus? Ineffective focus occurs when you focus on the wrong things. It’s easy to focus on what isn’t working, what we don’t have, and what’s not right.The result is often more things that don’t work. When you get into a negative rut, you tend to see only the negatives. You lose sight of your successes and the positive things. When you focus on your successes, you can then go ahead and create them again. When you think about your problems, they expand.

Effective Focus

Now that you know what ineffective focus is, let’s look at effective focus. Effective focus produces results and it produces rewards.

How to create effective focus:

Staying true to your voice – When it comes to being successful in business, staying true to your voice is one of the fastest ways to success. When you know your brand’s voice, you can stand in integrity throughout every aspect of your business.

Knowing your target audience – Knowing your target audience does not mean simply knowing who they are but knowing everything about them. What do they worry about? What keeps them up at night? Focus on their habits and their ways and you will be able to connect with them. Both they and your business will profit from this type of relationship.

Expanding on what works, dumping what doesn’t work – Once you have a general idea of what works and what doesn’t you can move on to the next steps. Get rid of the business practices that don’t prove successful and expand on the ones that do. If you find that you are getting more results on Facebook than on Instagram, spend more time on Facebook or vice versa.

Asking for help – In areas of expansion, don’t try to do it all alone. Give yourself the gift of asking for help. While you may want to know about each aspect of your business, like marketing, social media, and technology, don’t be afraid to outsource when necessary. Outsourcing can be one of the best tools you own.

Delegating – Once you have gained enough knowledge and are comfortable with hiring a staff, don’t be afraid to delegate appropriately to each member. Look at each staff member’s strengths and delegate accordingly. When you give people a chance to shine, then they will do exactly that.

When you don’t have focus in business, you are scattered. Your attention is diverted in too many directions and you won’t be able to succeed in all areas all at once. It’s like juggling too many balls in the air and not being able to keep them all airborne at the same time.

As you can see, there’s more to focus than meets the eye. Having strategies that help you get and maintain focus is an integral part of any business. If you’re having trouble staying focused, we’d love to have you in The Genius Zone. Visit to learn more and get the help with accountability that you need.

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