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Delegating With A Small Team

The saying rings true: quality is truly better than quantity. And in this entrepreneurial journey, the people that you surround yourself with inside and outside of work are critical to you and your business’ success. Your team is what can make or break your business because they are going to be the ones who are working alongside you to achieve goals, complete tasks, and move things forward. Conversely, if you do not have team members that do not align with your business, you will waste time trying to connect them to the vision. Because you do not have time to waste, start small and master delegation with a small team.

Begin by assessing what they are good at, great at, what they like, what they love, and what they can’t stand. You can do this by having them complete a quick survey based on your business’ service offerings. For example, if you are a service provider that provides social media management, newsletter content writing, and website design and maintenance, you will want to align the more creative folks on your team to those tasks. It will not make sense for your email inbox management taskmaster to manage these tasks, because it will take up valuable time to teach them to do what they will not enjoy. I can honestly say that when people do what they love, the outcomes are better for them, you, and the business.

After you assess what everyone is great at doing and they love it, delegate tasks accordingly using a project management system. This will allow the virtual office to be a hub for everyone’s work, and streamline the work that needs to be done. My team and I use Teamwork, and I can tell you that our content writer and project manager have two completely different roles, responsibilities, and tasks, but are both able to complete their work in the same place. And it saves us all time from going to find a needle in a haystack for client work.

Finally, after you have assessed your team members and delegated tasks, encourage them to continue in their work. Whether it’s words of encouragement, an email letting them know about client feedback that was received, or a quarterly gift, doing those small things to acknowledge their presence goes a long way. It also builds great team morale and makes working together that much better. Jess Campbell said it best: “Bringing great people onto your team is about demonstrating that size really doesn’t matter – people do.” So, go out and do great things with the faithful few, and create an impact that many can see and believe!

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