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How To Plan The Ultimate Annual Team Meeting

As you continue to scale your business to its highest potential, annual meetings will be a critical part of your success. An annual meeting is a meeting of the minds between yourself and your team which provides the opportunity to lay out the business for next year. It is a prime opportunity to map out what you want to see, what you want to start or stop doing, and what you want your business to offer in the next calendar year.

It doesn't matter if you have a small team or a large team, an annual team meeting is a perfect place to hash out all of your business needs for the next 365 days.

Check out my top three tips that will have you and your team ready to tackle the next great year in business.

1. Choose a great location.

I don't mean just any location. I mean a location that gets you and your team out of the day-to-day work life. If you are planning a virtual meeting, choose a digital background that does not remind you of work. Pick an island theme, outer space, or game-show style-themed to spice things up. If you are planning a face-to-face route, contact a travel agent to book a getaway at a resort, a five-star hotel, or anywhere that is outside of the business’ radius. Remember that the location is important, because it gets you and your team out of the everyday office view, and opens your mind to new possibilities.

2. Plan with purpose in mind.

Your annual team meeting should highlight two things: long-term strategy and quarterly execution. This means that team sessions should begin with the business goals that you are setting for the year, and end with quarterly plans to execute those goals. Remember to keep the sessions and discussions centered around the business’ mission, vision, and values so that the goals are clearly aligned with the goals for the next year. Finally, take notes. As you are planning with purpose, it is critical that you write down the strategy and execution plans for the team. This will allow you to make plans, layout roles responsibilities, and create SMART goals to accomplish these things in your business. And you can easily look back at them throughout the year to track the businesses’ progress.

3. Plan for fun.

Annual team meetings aren’t just about meeting and planning. They are also a great way to get out of work and really get to know your team. As you are planning your annual meeting, also plan time for fun with your team. Some examples of this can include going out to a nice dinner, conducting a team building activity like an Escape Room, or booking a sightseeing tour of the city. Whatever you choose, make it a time to build relationships and truly enjoy your time together while you are away from work.

Annual team meetings are all about strategy, execution, and connection. As you are making the conscious effort to plan with your team, keep in mind that this is your opportunity to really map out the impact that your business will have over the next 365 days. Be wise, include your team, and get ready for a great year in business.

Happy Planning!

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