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Want to REALLY Succeed In Your Business? It’s Time To Strategize Your Success

I want you to envision your business in five years.

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

Who are you at that point in life and in business?

Have your vision in your mind? Good. Now, what are you doing right now to strategize your success for the business you say you just dreamed of?

As a business owner and CEO, it is important that you are strategizing your success. Success doesn't happen overnight. It takes hard work, strategy, dedication, and most importantly, commitment. Your commitment to the small habits that you do consistently is what will scale you to the next level in your business. So in order to scale up, you've gotta strategize that consistency to produce great success.

Strategizing starts by planning. This should happen on a monthly and quarterly basis, as it allows you to write out what you want to do in your business. If it is a launch, plan out a three-to-six-month strategy by yourself or with your team that consists of all duties. Then, after you plan out what you want it to look like, put some realistic dates on the calendar to make it happen. Keep yourself accountable and make sure that the steps that you have planned are in accordance with what you say you want. This can be applied to any area of your service-based business. It doesn't have to be a launch. It can be a podcast, a website, or new service offerings for your clients. Whatever your “it” is that you want to scale your business starts with planning.

Another tactic you can do to strategize your success is to improve on your current services and/or products. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel in your business, but you do want to make sure that the wheel you run is the best it can be. This can be done by switching project management systems for streamlining, improving the products or services that you sell, or niching to a specific service product. You can also improve your products or services by reaching out to people in your industry and educating yourself on the latest industry updates. I always suggest connecting and networking with folks who are the earlier adopters and innovators in improving business products and services, because they have valuable information that you as a business owner can use.

This last one is most important: invest in your business. I am no financial expert or consultant, however, I do believe that placing dollars in your business will allow you to gain the tools, resources, education, and more to scale in your entrepreneurial journey. Investing in your business can look like buying books, buying courses, investing in a business coach or a coaching group, or anything else that allows you access to education. When you gain access to education and resources, you will unlock what you need to scale according to your vision. For my service providers out there this is a big deal because we have to learn how to replicate what we do tenfold. Think about what you are going to do now in order to invest in your business’ legacy.

As you grow in your business, you must remember that the status quo simply won't do. Doing the very thing that scares you will likely be the catapult for getting to larger figures. Think of it this way: what you do today prepares you for tomorrow.

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