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Why Should You Integrate Your Content Marketing and Marketing Automation Strategies?

What does a marketer want? Increase in sales, happy customers, and excellent ROI – the list is endless. And, all this can be done using content marketing. 

We have already established the fact that content is king! We know every digital marketer out there allocates the highest share of a budget to content marketing campaigns. If you want to increase your visibility, you should use the same strategy. 

However, to reap the best results, content marketing should be flawless so you can focus on other important aspects of a marketing campaign. And, marketing automation can let you do just that! 

By amplifying your voice, marketing automation engages your audience with relevant content based on their behavior and preferences. 

In this article, we will learn why content marketing and marketing automation go together. Also, you will learn how marketing automation streamlines your content marketing campaigns. 

  • Marketing Automation Helps to Deliver Personalized, Relevant Content. 

Marketing automation can help you deliver relevant and personalized content efficiently. As not all buyers are at the same stage of the buying process, your content should tailor to each type of buyer.           

This is where marketing automation helps. It nurtures customer personas with meaningful and targeted content that will help with lead acquisition. 

Marketing automation:

  • Puts relevant content in front of visitors when they visit your site 

  • Delivers high-quality emails that increase engagement at the most ideal timing

  • Uses retargeting to create more personalized ads for Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

  • Collects behavioral insights on each visitor 

  • Helps with Content Re-Purposing 

Different content formats generally work better or worse at different stages of the buyer’s journey. Well, incorporate this idea into your content planning for marketing automation. 

Consider converting a few blog posts for prospects at the end of the funnel to interactive content. If you can ask these prospects to answer a quiz or survey, you can provide your sales team with valuable information.

  • Makes Sure Your Content Has a Call-To-Action 

We should have a call to action at the end of each blog post and a system that triggers a series of emails when any whitepaper being downloaded. 

Having a marketing automation system automates email campaigns based on customer behavior. With this, you will know about the next step for each piece of content you create.

  • Provides a Comprehensive View of How Each Piece of Content Performs

Posting blog posts and articles every other day can be exhausting. With marketing automation, you will no longer simply produce a lot of content but building genuine leads and buyers. Marketing automation will provide insights regarding whether a new customer, rather than just a lead, was driven by organic search, social media, email marketing, direct traffic, or referral traffic.

  • Achieve More Results for How Much Content You Create 

Marketing automation focuses on the planning and strategy of content creation. Along with making our work more efficient, it also makes each piece of content more efficient. 

We get more results from each piece of content, which means that less content would be required to achieve a certain level of results.

We don’t have to publish every alternate day. Since our content is relevant and efficient, we can create less content and focus more on quality. 

Strategically Integrating Content Marketing & Marketing Automation

If you genuinely want to grow your business with just one online marketing tactic, go with content marketing. Though, do it wisely with integrating marketing automation strategies to see noticeable results in no time.

Marketing automation has proven to be quite beneficial for various businesses. It can be a driver of failure as well as success. Integrating content marketing and marketing automation makes sure your content marketing strategies are well planned and analyzed. 

Since marketing automation can track content across on every platform, your users will get the right content at the right time. Also, a good marketing automation system can monitor how well your content is performing. Given these reasons, it might be the best time for your business to start incorporating content marketing and marketing automation together to improve the results of your digital marketing campaigns

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