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Building Close Communication Through The Use of a Support Team

Most would agree that communication with your customers, prospects and wider audience has always been critical, and in today's digitally connected world it's more important than ever. The way we communicate has been irreversibly altered by technology - the means for communication, how quickly we're able to respond, how far we're able to reach with our marketing efforts, the amount of people we're able to help with our service or product - everything's evolving.

Communication and Customer Experience

The expectations that your customers and wider community hold around communication have also changed. They now expect to be able to find far more information about your business, products, services and even you, before they feel ready to buy. Furthermore, there are many more ways in which they can contact you, and by any of these methods, they expect to receive an exceedingly prompt response!

Subsequently, communication is a large part of providing excellent customer service, as each interaction with your business is an opportunity to contribute to a positive perception and overall experience. Therefore, if you can best ensure an excellent customer experience on all fronts, this directly improves customer retention levels, conversion rates, your reputation and your profits - it's just that simple.

So Much Communication!

In business, some of the reasons we communicate are... to inform, share, sell, evaluate, serve, deliver, schedule, build connections and cultivate great customer relations wherever possible. These intentions can be achieved through blog posts, videos, downloadable guides, emails, phone calls, newsletters, messaging, surveys, website copy, social media posts and more! Oftentimes though, business owners find communications and customer relations a steep learning curve, because after all, you went into business to provide your product or service, not to be a marketing professional, copywriter, PA and so on!

Many businesses recognize the importance of great communication and want to provide a truly awesome service, but can't find the time to properly handle the large volume and wide array of communications required to do this properly. So, how can you manage your communications effectively and efficiently to thereby encourage excellent customer relations?

Managing Your Business Communication with Your Virtual Admin Expert

Our approach lends itself wonderfully to managing your communications and providing a first-class customer experience. Firstly, the majority of business communications are carried out online. Secondly, using our support team, everything is managed centrally, which means we'd have an overarching view of all your customer service information, processes and systems, allowing us to operate as your support team and communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers on your behalf.

Critically, your virtual admin expert works closely with you to set your goals, implement your systems, and oversee the backend of your operations. This includes managing your email inbox, answering email questions, addressing after-sales care, collating feedback, making minor website page updates, community management and managing your social media presence as well.

The resultant value for your business is difficult to measure, but you'll see increased interaction with your clients, you'll better understand their needs, build better relationships, increase sales, and get more word-of-mouth referrals. Ultimately, it'll help you attract more customers, retain more of your existing customers and the "above and beyond" level of service will set you apart from any competition and possibly even allow you to raise your prices. Isn’t that a great way to start the 2nd quarter of the year?

If you’d like to learn more about our services and see if we are a good fit to work together, click here to book your complimentary discovery call.

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