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Do You Have a Success Mindset?

We know that success means different things to different people. For some, it could be landing a high-paying job, for someone else it could be freedom and flexibility, for others it might be the ability to be their own boss. However, one thing is for certain, success does not happen by accident. It takes both planning and commitment. Are you ready to embrace success and start achieving those goals and dreams you have? Using the principles of the flow state you can create it for yourself. Apply the principles outlined below and watch the magic happen.

Choose a goal and create a plan. Decide what you need to complete to achieve it. It's important that the task contains a challenge but that the challenge is matched to your skill and ability; not too easy and not too hard. That will keep you motivated and interested and prevent you from getting bored or disheartened.

Eliminate all distractions. Choose a location where you will be comfortable and undisturbed. Make sure that you have everything you will need to accomplish the task at hand.

Have all the tools and resources you will need. Make sure that they are the most appropriate and best for the task, but also that they suit you. Using oil based paints to complete your masterpiece won't work if you are used to working in watercolour. If you do have to use new tools, make sure you’ve learned the basics of how to use them before you get started (wasting time is not a success mindset).

Harness the power of visualization. By using visualization, you will give yourself the crucial ability to see yourself successfully completing the task and achieving your goal.  You'll now be really changing your mind-set and making sure it is primed for success. Forward visualization is a powerful strategy used by coaches, Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioners and hypnotherapists.

Stop conscious thought. Working within the flow state is only successful if you 'go with the flow' and don't consciously think about what you're doing and why. You can do this because you'll be engaged in completing a task that engages you, has meaning and has intrinsic value.

Focus on your task. This will be easy as you've eliminated distractions, visualized what you have to do and yourself successfully completing it. You have everything ready and you are primed for success.

Do it! It's now time to action. The only way to achieve anything is to take action. If you do nothing, then there cannot be any change or progress. Achieving a successful outcome therefore requires you to take action and create change.

Using the principles of the flow state you can create a mind-set that will ensure your success in any task or challenge. Positivity is a crucial factor and there is no room for self-doubt or anxiety. You are they key to your ability to achieve your goals and dreams. Now off to make it happen!

If you need help getting organized and/or moving things off your plate so you can focus more and move into a success mindset, click here to learn how we can help.

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