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Do You Have The Right Support In Place?

Please believe that people who build businesses and lives that they love, know it takes a village, and they are constantly ensuring they have the right support in place.

I know I know, everyone wants us to believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness. No one wants to be perceived by others as weak or incompetent. I get it. I understand that asking for help can sometimes

  • make us feel needy or incapable.

  • It can make us feel indebted to the other person.

  • It competes with our idea of the self-made man or woman.

  • And so on and so on.

What I’ve realized in my own entrepreneurial journey, as well as having worked with some incredible entrepreneurs, we need different kinds of support at different stages on the journey. I have personally engaged numerous mentors, coaches, consultants, and therapists over the past 9 years (yes indeed you need a good therapist on squad - you better ask somebody), and I’ve joined various business support groups as well. And I’ve seen many of my clients do the exact same thing and they have built multi-six and multi-seven figure businesses.

There are 7 different types of support I’ve seen many successful entrepreneurs have that I want to share:

  1. Mentoring: They all have mentors and get advice from people who’ve been there, done that. They do not take the approach of I know it all.

  2. Business Education & Resources: They join specific programs related to their craft and industry, they invest in systems and templates to implement in their business so they don’t have to start from scratch, and they attend masterclasses, workshops, conferences, etc. to not just increase their knowledge but to increase their visibility.

  3. Business-Life Coaching: They have both business and life coaches. They are committed to their personal development, and recognize they need that support to become a better business owner and leader.

  4. Executive and leadership coaching: They join Specific leadership support programs to help develop their leadership skills. They understand that as a leader they have to constantly be learning and evolving.

  5. Mindset Coaching: they recognize the importance of building emotional intelligence, breaking through limiting beliefs, and getting rid of old patterns of thinking that can block success.

  6. Advisory Boards: They have things like Advisory Boards where they can get Group accountability and advice.

  7. The Right Team. They hire the best and the brightest and they cover all the core functions of their business.

    1. They have a great accountant

    2. They have a great attorney

    3. They have a great bookkeeper

    4. They have a great operations person

    5. They have a great HR person

    6. They have a great recruiter

    7. They have a great marketing person

    8. They hire great people who are skilled at their work.

Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to ask for help! Who You Surround Yourself with Matters. If you find it difficult to ask others for support, you may be surrounding yourself with the wrong people. Seek out people where abundance, cooperation and collaboration are the rule rather than the exception and watch how more beautiful your business and life will become.

You deserve to be supported and your success depends on it.

Want to add the audio version to your playlist, head over to the podcast, subscribe, download and listen to this episode live.

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