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Selah - pause and think on that word for a minute.

Uncertainty….unpredictable...unreliable….fickleness…. There are so many ways we can give voice to how that word makes us feel.

This month’s blog was inspired by my son. Last month, he told me that he felt as if though his whole life was filled with uncertainty. So I challenged him to write about it as a way to give voice to his feelings and create an outlet to move past it. Listen (or read shall I say), as he shares his story.

“I felt as if though my life was filled with uncertainty.  I was given the idea to write about it from my mom. So I pressed power on a computer in my home and began to search but not really knowing what I was searching for.

I started with the definition of uncertainty, which is “the state of being uncertain.” Then I looked up quotes that surrounded uncertainty and the one that caught my eye was “Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path, don't avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel ok all the time.”

Dealing With Uncertainty In Life

As I continued my search, I came across a website with a title that read Dealing with uncertainty in Life,  which gave me advice on focusing more on planning and preparing than having an already set outcome. It also stated that learning stress techniques (i.e. reading a book or watching a movie) can help. Or when feeling too overwhelmed just taking the time to breathe and regroup saying, “When you slow down and look at the bigger picture, you often find that things are not as bad as they seem.”

Uncertainty in life for everyone like me will happen. It’s how we deal with it that is important. No matter the type of uncertainty, it’s best to plan and not let yourself be weighed down by it. Stay positive and upbeat. Give yourself something to work on. Don't expect a picture perfect outcome just a positive one.”

What Uncertainty Taught Me

Wow! What great insights. How many of you can relate to this in your business? Did you start 2018 a little uncertain of how this year would go?

How many times have you felt uncertain about getting the next client or heck even the very first client if you are just starting out? What about the uncertainty that creeps in after you create that big audacious money goal? OR the uncertainty of selling your products and/or services? Could it be the uncertainty around a new launch of something in your business - will people buy or join after all the work you put in?  

What I’ve learned being on the entrepreneurial journey is that we are the ones who give meaning to the uncertainty when it arises. We cannot allow uncertainty to create fear, anxiety and stagnation in us - we must explore what those feelings are showing us and use it. Take a deep breath and know that everything will be okay.

If you need help working through the uncertainties of getting everything done on your to do list, we would be happy to chat and see how we can help. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

Trust the process! You are right where you should be.

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