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How a Virtual Assistant Can Increase Your Business' Social Media Presence

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

If you’re like most other small business owners you spend the majority of your time on social media to promote and increase your business’ online presence. In fact, some business owners are spending over 21 hours a week on social media alone. How are they getting anything done? The answer is they’re not really and it’s hurting their business. This is where a virtual assistant can handle your business’ online presence, much like we described in ‘Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help Small Business Owners and Influencers’. Today we’d like to continue from that idea and discuss how a virtual assistant can help with your social media marketing presence.

Helps you Have a Sound Social Media Strategy

If you think that your social media strategy is sound, there’s always room for improvement. A social media virtual assistant can help by providing you more ideas that can help you improve it. As an outside observer, a virtual assistant can look at your business objectively and suggest ways you can improve. Entrepreneur and eCommerce expert, Connor Gillivan explains that a virtual assistant can help improve social media reach and engagement. This can be done by assessing whether you’re addressing the right audience, the right objectives and more importantly what are your competitors doing that you are yet to do.

Prospecting New Clients

If you have a business that’s not making any money, then all you have is a costly hobby. In order to increase your sales, social media is an excellent medium for prospecting people who are specifically looking for the products and services you are offering. Give your virtual assistant a list of criteria and parameters of what your ideal client is and let them do the research. Have them engage with the social media of qualified leads or even send a direct message. It’s an effective way to increase your brand’s awareness and directly reach those who are seriously interested in your products and services.

Takes Care of Online Marketing

Online marketing has become the dominant way for businesses to promote their services. Reuters estimates that spending on digital marketing grew by 44% in the U.S. and Britain, with global spending now over $100 billion. In this regard, targeting customers directly via social media, for example, is more effective than ads run through intermediaries because It shows that your business better understands your clients and their needs. Ayima explains how understanding the customer’s needs is the key to forming an effective online strategy. This is where a virtual assistant, who understands your business and the customers you are targeting, can focus solely on maintaining your online presence while you focus on running your business.

Edits and Proofreads

Part of the many hats worn by a virtual assistant is the ability to proofread and edit your social media content. This includes the copy and the blog for your brand. Grammar and spelling errors look unprofessional and could hurt your brand reputation if left uncorrected. While this may seem like a minor aspect of your business' overall social media strategy, think about it this way: you won’t see these errors made by major brands, so why shoot yourself in the foot? If you want to build your brand and be considered a major player, your virtual assistant will produce high-quality content and making sure that errors are addressed before they get posted.

If you need support with scheduling and managing your social media, click here to book your free discovery consultation and see how our team can help.

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